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Devonshire cream, albumen, batter, beat up, blood clot, bonnyclabber, butter, cake, casein, churn, clot, clotted cream, clump, cluster, coagulate, coagulum, colloid, colloidize, concrete, congeal, cornstarch, crassamentum, cream, curd, curdle, dough, egg white, embolus, emulsify, emulsionize, gaum, gel, gelatin, gelatinate, gelatinize, glair, glop, glue, gluten, goo, gook, goop, gruel, grume, gumbo, gunk, incrassate, inspissate, jam, jell, jellify, jelly, knot, legumin, loblolly, lopper, loppered milk, lump, molasses, mucilage, mucus, pap, paracasein, paste, porridge, pudding, pulp, puree, putty, rob, semifluid, semiliquid, set, size, soup, starch, sticky mess, syrup, thick, thicken, thrombus, treacle, turn, whip

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Clabber — Clab ber, v. i. To become clabber; to lopper. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Clabber — Clab ber, n. [See {Bonnyclabber}] Milk curdled so as to become thick. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • clabber — 1824, from Ir. and Gael. clabar mud. Often short for BONNYCLABBER (Cf. bonnyclabber) …   Etymology dictionary

  • clabber — [klab′ər] Dial. n. [Ir clabar < claba, thick] thickly curdled sour milk; bonnyclabber vi., vt. to curdle …   English World dictionary

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  • clabber — /klab euhr/, South Midland and Southern U.S. n. 1. milk that has soured and thickened; curdled milk. v.i. 2. (of milk) to curdle; to become thick in souring. Also, clobber. [1625 35; < Ir clabar short for bainne clabair BONNYCLABBER] Regional… …   Universalium

  • clabber — noun Etymology: short for bonnyclabber Date: 1634 chiefly dialect sour milk that has thickened or curdled …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • clabber — 1. noun /ˈklæb.ə(r)/ a) sour or curdled milk b) wet clay or mud 2. verb /ˈklæb.ə(r)/ to …   Wiktionary

  • clabber — v. make sour (of milk) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • clabber — chiefly US noun milk that has clotted on souring. verb curdle or cause to curdle. Origin C19: from Ir. bainne clabair, denoting thick milk for churning …   English new terms dictionary

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